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An Education Academy That Promotes Academic Success

The Education Academy is basically a private school designed to fulfill the educational needs of mostly first through fourth grade children who are either experiencing behavioral problems or learning problems in traditional public school classrooms. It is an innovative approach to education and treatment that has been used in various countries all over the world for decades now. It is especially suited for students who are being challenged by their environments or by their own behavioral issues or difficulties. In fact, the Academy was named after the original Educational Academy founded by educator Dr. Ida P. Rolf and was meant to provide special education services to those children who are suffering from disabilities. The idea was that if a child with special needs could be properly treated and taught at the same time, then these children could actually go on to have normal and productive lives.

The main goal of the Education Academy and its various institutions is to provide students with exceptional and comprehensive academic help in areas of behavior modification, personality development, emotional development and learning, self-esteem building, self-management, social skills, communication skills and physical development. These are just a few of the areas where character education and support for the students take place. If you want your child to have the best education possible so that he/she can enjoy good career opportunities, go for the private school academy instead of the public one. Here are some of the advantages that character education offers over attending a public pre-k school:

First of all, Character Education Academy offers special education services like puppy therapy program, speech therapy program, music therapy program, sports and art therapy program, health and food safety program, and school garden and lawn care program. All these programs are specially designed to meet the special needs of the students. Moreover, character education also involves teaching the essential social skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and adaptability skills that are required by students who are facing particular challenges. For example, in the puppy therapy program, students learn how to properly interact with puppies. They are also taught the basics of cat health care, nutrition, behavior modification, potty training and other dog training techniques.

Character education not only helps students to develop their academic success in academics but it also instills in them a sense of personal responsibility and builds up their confidence level. At the end of the day, a student is motivated to learn by doing. And as a result, they perform at their maximum in both the academic and extra-curricular activities.

At the end of the day, if a student feels that he/she has missed out on something or there is something missing from the course, they take the initiative to bring up the matter with the teacher and point out the deficiency. This helps in building up the confidence level and in sharpening their skills. In fact, character education encourages a student to bring up a complaint directly to the principal or vice-principal and get an appropriate action plan in place. It is important for a student to note that even if the cause is not found to be valid, it does not mean that they have been passed over. In fact, this encourages them to take the initiative again in the next school year and pursue their educational goals.

On top of all this, the well-researched course materials provided by the SMLC make sure that a student has a wide variety of learning opportunities. A regular lesson may include computer games, reading material, foreign language learning opportunities and career guidance from an experienced mentor who is knowledgeable in the subject area. The SMLC not only provide outstanding teachers who offer a mix of theoretical and practical lessons but also provide exceptional post graduate diploma and degree education in the form of one credit hour. Therefore, the benefits that the education academy offers to their students, not just through the teaching staff but also the post-graduate diploma and degree education provided by the various modules are commendable.

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