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This Year’s Top programming Languages

The number of software developers worldwide has increased greatly from where it was last year. The sector of the economy that is growing rapidly is that of software developers. The creation of software and any application is the primary work of software developers. Programming languages are used by software developers to do their work. Among the most paid workers in any economy you will always find software developers. This means that there are high demands and high pay for software developers. As it has been said programming languages are used to create the software. In most cases, the two things that say which programming language will be used are the product that wants to get built and which programming language the developer likes using. Discussed here are the best programming languages for you to learn more this year.

The first programming language is javascript. In the career of a software developer, javascript is a programming language that he or she must come across. It has very extensive uses. One of the most known applications that have been made using javascript is the most powerful internet search engine. It is relatively easy to learn. And it can be used both in the front-end and server-side.

The second programming language that you should ensure you learn this year is python. Python is very much loved by a huge number of developers. It is the simple nature of the syntax of python that has endeared a large number of developers to use it. That is why Python is the go-to language for most young developers. Just like javascript, python has a large variety of applications across many fields.

You should also lean the programming language that is called scala. when you compare scala to javascript and python, it is the newest. Scala is very similar to java and that is what makes it easier for java programmers to learn scala easily. Scala has combined some features from both java and javascript. This is among the few strongly typed programming languages.

Go s the programming language that we are looking at last as one of the best ones you should learn more. Go is one of the youngest programming languages to enter the market. Go has yet to become widely used as the other programming languages. Go is a low-level programming language. It is very ideal for systems programming.

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