Easy Tips for Hydrating Hair and Preventing Dryness

While every weather brings with it different kind of hair woes, it is not difficult to tackle any of these if you know how to. Winters might be striping your hair of natural oils and making your hair dry, so do monsoons by making your hair frizzy and oily. Summer has its own woes for making hair greasy and dry, thanks to the scorching sun. It is essential to understand your hair and its health so that moisturising your hair becomes as easy as brushing your teeth. Before going into the care for dry hair, one needs to know why the problem of dry hair curs. There can be two reasons for dry hair- either your scalp is not producing ample natural oil for moisturisation of hair or your natural structure of hair is allowing excessive moisture to escape thus leading to dry hair. The cuticle of the hair, which is the outermost layer might be loosening, thus creating gap and tending all the moisture form the inner layers to escape.